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Neu - LSM100!     

Die Auf-Tisch-Laserkabine ist ein kompaktes und schlüsselfertiges Komplettsystem der Laserschutzklasse 1.

  • Hohe Lebenserwartung des Lasers  LSM100
  • Großes Sichtfenster 
  • Pilotlaser zum einfachen Einrichten des Layouts
  • Manuelle Zugangstür mit Sicherheitsschalter
  • Elektrische Höhenverstellung
  • Aufspannfläche mit Gewindebohrungen
  • Luftkühlung / Absaugung optional
  • Wartungsfreier Betrieb

Der optimale Einstieg zur Laserkennszeichnung zu einem sehr guten Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis. 


Hier die Links zu unseren neuesten Maschinenvideos auf YouTube: 

Video: Vollautomatische Topf-Laser-Kennzeichnungsmaschine 

Video: Vollautomatische Stirnflächenbearbeitungsmaschine mit Beschriftungslaser



The philosophy “All-in-one” of Joachim Richter Systeme und Maschinen also includes information technology.
The proper software and thoroughly programmed interfaces guarantee an efficient and successful usage of our machines and systems. We shall be glad to assist you with the selection as well as with customized modifications.

We are happy to help you with the selection as well as with individual adaptations. Then just contact us.

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Marking software

The universal marking software package SIGNUMERIC:
  • designed for Windows XP and Vista
  • easy creation of marking layouts
  • comfortable installation programme
  • Incl. CD and operating manual

SIGNUMERIC provides the following functions:
  • creation of texts
  • variables for date / time
  • counter function
  • circular marking
  • dot matrix font
  • DataMatrix code
  • shift coding
  • free scaling of objects
  • free positioning of objects
  • data import
  • import of graphics in HPGL and DXF format
  • data import via text files
  • positioning functions
  • file management

Connection to third-party systems

Machines transform into systems by means of an intelligent integration. IT-specialists of Richter will assist you with the connection and integration of machines or software systems. Existing stored data can be used for connecting marking systems to ERP systems or databases.

Your advantages:

  • no redundant holding of data
  • reducing error sources
  • saving work and time
  • traceability

Customized software modifications

It is the strength of Joachim Richter Systeme und Maschinen to develop individual and customized solutions. Even an infrastructure already existing can be expanded and a current software can be added by new functionalities.

Our specialists realize connections to foreign systems or elaborate suggestions in order to optimize the work flow or the integration of new systems.

This may result in a lot of advantages in practice:

  • reducing error sources
  • saving work and time
  • optimizing current work method


Easy integration of our machines is one high priority. In order to ensure this we provide the following interfaces:

  • Serial interface
  • Profibus
  • USB
  • Network connection

Descriptions of interfaces Mainly Profibus and network connections via TCP/IP are used.

  • Profibus Unigate for EM 100 and SMUC (UniMark) controllers
  • Profibus for PCA controller via PCI or PCMCIA
  • Ethernet-Connection via TCP/IP protocol



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