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High volume laser LSM2000

Großraumlaser LSM2000The new LSM 2000 high volume marking laser of TFT is a universally applicable laser marking system with spacious working area.

Due to the integrated X-Y-Z-axis-System all positions within the large working area can be accessed. The spacious base plate with thread holes allows the easy introduction of devices of all sorts. Removable covers at the left, right and back side enable the extension of cabin enlargements or bulkhead doors for integration in conveyor systems.

Through the modular expandability the LSM 2000 is perfectly suited for laser marking of equipped pallets as well as heavy and large components.

The herewith used fiber laser is characterized by its high life expectancy. With the easy learnable professional marking software almost all devisable marking tasks will easily be realized.






Range of applications

  • Perfectly used for marking of bulky components or the large-scale processing of equipped pallets
  • Marking of metals of all sort, plastics, nameplates, etc.
  • Laser engraving
  • Laser cutting



  • Rotary device for circular labeling
  • Fully automated nameplate automation
  • Turntable loading for mutual assembly (180° swivel)
  • Cabin extensions for large parts
  • Bulkhead doors for automated use in the chain
  • Automated roboter loading
  • Exhaust system


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Laser class 1
Marking area X=1100+180   Y=320+180   Z=420
Clamping area ca. 1200x800 mm
Power 30 W / 50 W / 100 W optional
Wave length  1.060 – 1.085 nm
Pulse frequency  20 - 80 kHz
Operating temperature  0 - 40°C
Cooling  Lüfter
Dimensions (W/D/H)  1800/1300/2000 mm


Basic equipment

  • Programmable X/Y/Z traversing axis system
  • Laser source with 2-axis-deflection unit and control card
  • USB connection
  • Network-compatible
  • Indicator light “Laser active”
  • Key switch for activating of laser
  • Incl. connection for extraction
  • Integrated PC with pre-installed marking software
  • Spacious cabin of laser class 1
  • Viewing window with laser protection glass
  • Pilot laser for easy setting of layouts
  • Automatic access door with safety switch
  • Clamping table as burnished steel plate with thread holes




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