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Laser marking systems

Laser marking is one the most modern marking technologies. The material to be marked will be modified itself during laser marking. The method is suitable for marking of numerous materials. Laser markings are waterproof, wiping-proof and durable. They can be created fast, automated and customized, for this reason this method is preferably used for numberings of single parts. It is possible to even apply very small, machine-readable markings, such as QR code or DataMatrix code, directly on the products.

By using modern fiber lasers your system can be built in a compact and affordable way.

The marking window and marking distance will be configurated individually. Even the integration into production lines will be resolved without any difficulty




Laser marking systems ensure a permanent marking on numerous materials in a very short time. The marking result demonstrates its high quality in particular: fine lines, DataMatrix codes and logos can be applied high in contrast and clearly legible. The asset of the new diode laser is the long lifetime of its laser source (>100.000 h expected). Air cooling contributes to a low-maintenance operation.

Our configurable laser system with Ytterbium pulsed fiber laser is extremely robust, flexible and compact.

Range of application
  • Manual workstation (tabletop machine)
  • Automation
  • Suitable for usage in a rough industrial environment


  • Marking window 110 x 110 mm
  • Wave length 1.060 – 1.070 nm
  • Quality of beam < 1,5 mm mrad
  • Puls frequency 20 – 100 kHz
  • Puls width 300 ns
  • Energy consumption 180 W
  • Electrical connection 24 V DC

  • Performance 10 W, 20 W, 30 W, 50 W
  • Enlarged marking window 180 x 180 mm

  • cabin with vacuum device 
  • Rotary device different sizes for marking of cylindrical parts and polygonal parts on the circumference Z-axis electric or pneumatic infeed axis Tag feeder 

Scope of service
  • Free scaling of character height and width
  • Marking depth individually adjustable
  • Different fonts/special characters/logos
  • DataMatrix code
  • Barcode in various types


CO2 laser systems can be used for engraving, permanent marking as well as for cutting of various materials. Its high quality: is outstanding: 200_CO2-3D-SchneidlaserIt is able to cut a multitude of materials accurately, emboss filigree ornaments or execute engravings of fine lines and logos which are high-in-contrast and well-legible.

The CO2 laser stands out due to its excellent price-performance ratio.200_CO2-Beschriftungslaser It has a sound beam quality and is cost-effective in purchase, operation and maintenance. Hence it is frequently used for metal working in various industrial sectors.



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